Welcome to the 5-Figure Workweek
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One of my all-time favorite phrases comes from an old African proverb:

"If you want to go fast - go alone.
If you want to go far - go with others."

Well, we've got THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, mentors, authors, experts, and creatives that all have a common goal...

To create more impact with their work while making an outstanding income!

In the 5-Figure Workweek (#5FWW) Community, we have a few rules.

TOP of the list is "Share What Works". This means that you'll ONLY get my best strategies, mindsets, and business approaches that WORK.

After 14 years of entrepreneurship, I've learned what it REALLY takes to win online and I've made it my LIFE to help others like you to do the same in life and business.

I hold nothing back and bring you the truth of what's working.

NO MORE wasting time on tactics that won't work...
NO MORE wondering if your strategy will work for you...
NO MORE anxiety over how to attract that next high-ticket client...

Want to know how I spend 40-60 days on stage,
Or how I get onto 30 podcasts/interviews,
Or how I craft those 5-Figure Workweeks...

Every. Year?

Then you're in the right place!

Disclaimer: this isn't the 6-Figure Workweek and it's definitely not the 7-Figure Workweek... yet.

If you're wanting to go from $0 (or even $100k/year) to multiple 6, then this is your community.

Come see why (and how) we've attracted 3400+ members to our Community by invitation only.

We aren't asking for $5k/year, we aren't even asking for $500/year (still worth it)...


That's it.

Trade in one Grande Mocha Frap every 30 days and you're in ;)

PLUS - this gets you access to our Community exclusive Trainings, Retreats, and a sweet discount to our premier event - Unlikely!

If you've been invited by a member, then I'm confident you're the type of person that belongs in our group.


Welcome to the 5-Figure Workweek!
-Michael Marcial
Founder | 5-Figure Workweek
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