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Quarantine Invite Closes In:
First and foremost, if you're on this landing page, it means that someone thinks highly enough of you to invite you to the 5-Figure Workweek Community...

And that's pretty cool :)

Because we only play with higher-level entrepreneurs. You don't have to be doing 5-Figure Workweeks to completely belong to this community, you just have to have the desire to do big amazing things in this world - and be okay getting paid handsomely for it!

Again, The Community will include a monthly "message" or focus which will encompass 2 Monthly LIVE Q+A's, 1 Monthly Interview, 1 Monthly Training, and daily content from 5-Figure Workweek Founder, Michael Marcial.

(If you're not familiar with him - Michael is a world-traveling, international speaker who coaches some of the best entrepreneurs on the planet. He's also the most heart-driven mentor you'll meet. He truly does everything in his power to help you win online - including traveling to 50-60 speaking engagements around the world (mostly on his own dime). No fluff, no hype, just sharing with you what has helped him create over $21M in revenues so far. Cool?)

On the next page, you'll have a few options:

1. Join us for $5/mo
2. Join us for $50/year (instead of $60/year)
3 There's also an option to upgrade into our Membership Group "Unlikely" - for those that are at $100k+/year)

Can't wait to have you join the elite ranks of online entrepreneurs in the 5-Figure Workweek Community.

Welcome to our world!
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