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The ONLY 2 day event that spans 2 years
{10am - 5pm / Dec 31, 2019 - Jan 1, 2020}
Salt Lake City, Utah
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The "Event of The Years"
The Most Unlikely
by michael marcial
I've felt for most of my life that I didn't quite "fit in". I wasn't "normal".

Ever feel like that?

Especially as an entrepreneur, I've always done things differently.

After my step-mom was murdered when I was a teenager, after I left college 2 years into it, after my divorce, after experiencing homelessness...

And still being loved by my daughter, still being able to create value for others, still able to create my next 6-Figures, still being able to lead thousands of coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs in the 5-Figure Workweek Community...

After speaking on 100's of stages including TEDx, with celebrities, and people MUCH cooler than me... after being featured in Forbes and Inc... after being interviewed on 100's more podcasts, after creating a super fulfilling business that allows us to earn many 100's of thousands of dollars every year...

It hit me.

The "rags to riches" theme just isn't creating much change for OTHERS.

I wasn't telling the full story of what it took to make this thing work as well as it is now.

It's just deeper than that.

It's way more powerful than it appears.

So I've made a deep promise to myself that I'd bring 100% of the context (story) AND practical content of how myself and the other hand-selected speakers have used our stories to create spectacular results:

-Multiple 6/7-Figure Businesses/Brands
-Reaching Millions of People Yearly
-Finding Fulfillment Despite Setbacks
-Creating STRONG Content That Attracts Clients
-Living Robust Lives After Struggle

We even have a special musical performance from one of our Unlikely Community members!

Can you tell I'm excited?!

I'm glad you're here, friend.

You deserve this.

It's different.
It's abnormal.
It's Unlikely.

Michael Marcial
Mentor | Speaker | Regular Dude

Michael Marcial brought the HEAT today.

WOW. You know when you get off the phone with someone and hours later you are still thinking about what you talked about. Has that ever happened to you?

I had an opportunity to chat with Michael about my new invite -only membership community and he blew my mind. The VALUE and insights this guy has are incredible. He's really challenging me to bring it. And, I accepted the challenge. 👊

He's the REAL deal. He coaches high achievers and has a network behind the scenes to execute on the vision developed during the coaching.
Katie Jefcoat
Speaker | Author | Motivator
Featured Speakers
To say that these people are extraordinary is an extreme understatement.
Again, I've personally invited each of them simply because they're bringing more heart,
actionable content, and insights from their real-life stories like you've never experienced before.

I've already said it. This is the Event of the Years.
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Day 1 / Dec. 31 - 10am to 5pm
(Registration 9-10am + Doors Open 9:30am)

Day 1 kicks off with a thrilling intro into what Unlikely truly stands for and the mission + vision behind it.

Your first 4 presentations will dive deeply into Mindset, Sales, and Concrete Steps to Succeed as a Highly Paid Entrepreneur, Coach, or Speaker.

For our VIP's we will conclude with our VIP Dinner with speakers and our other VIP's and 5-Figure Workweek Alumni.
Day 2 / Jan. 1 - 10am to 5pm
(Doors Open 9:30am)

Day 2 begins with some of the most interesting life-stories you've ever heard mixed with the step-by-step approaches the presenters have used to transform their "messes" into their "messages" that now reach millions of people world-wide.

Also included is an Interview with our Video Team!

For our VIP's we will head to Michael's private home for food, fun, connecting, indoor swimming, and volleyball!
Unlikely Location!

We ran into a big hurdle with our original location and needed to pivot. Fast.
Where could we acquire enough space for 100 people that was up to our standards?
WeWork, of course!

This place is phenomenal. Not only did they step up with the location space, but they loved the concept so much that they
offered us some really great bonuses just for wanting to rent out the entire building. Super cool people.

Full gated parking lot on-site.
Head inside, hit the elevator to the 5th Floor (top floor)
From there, you'll register and be escorted to the event floor

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460 West 50 North
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
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Can't wait to see you at Unlikely!
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